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Windows 7 Tip of the Week: Prevent Windows Update from Automatically Rebooting Your PC

When Windows Update installs certain types of updates, a reboot is required so that certain software components can be updated while they’re not running. Unfortunately, this means that many people…  read more

jQuery Mobile Announced; Palm excited to sponsor the effort

Palm made a huge bet on the web when we decided that our next generation operating system would have a Web runtime at its core. We are constantly investing in the Web and are always looking for great Web developer products, especially anything that focuses on device form factors. When we heard that the jQuery team was putting a lot of effort towards supporting their great library on devices, w…  read more

Internet Explorer 9 Beta launching September 15th, might enter a beauty pageant

Source: Engadget

Once again, the whispers were true. Microsoft has proudly announced on this fine day that September 15th will mark the official launch of the Internet Explorer 9 Beta, but details beyond that are scant. We do know that the Big M will hold a gala in San Francisco to celebrate "The Beauty of the Web," and once it hits the tubes, you’ll need either Vista or Windows 7 to use it (sorry, XP loyalists…  read more

Behind the endless iPad photo book: Fotopedia Heritage

Source: Scobleizer

I love getting an in-depth look at cool new technology, but even better I love getting to know some of the great technologists that have done amazing things in the industry. This video has a little…  read more

Microsoft Research reveals RearType, puts QWERTY back where it belongs

Source: Engadget

We’ve seen a few wacky split keyboards in our day, and even the occasional back-typing peripheral, but Microsoft Research has just congealed the core ideas into a why-didn’t-I-think-of-that device for mobile use. Dubbed RearType, the QWERTY solution literally sticks a three-row keyboard on the back of a tablet PC, allowing users to have the same physical sensation as on laptop or desktop withou…  read more

The story behind the 2010 startup success: Siri (why it’s so important to Apple’s future)

Source: Scobleizer

You know Siri. Back in February I said that if you miss Siri you’ll miss the future of the Web. Apple didn’t miss it. Just a few days after that blog ran Apple bought Siri for somewhere around $200…  read more

Netflix Lands Streaming Deal With Paramount, MGM & Lionsgate

Source: TechCrunch

You’ll soon be able to watch “Dinner for Schmucks” via Netflix instant streaming. The company inked a deal with Epix, a new pay TV channel, for the rights to Paramount, MGM, and Lionsgate movies. The deal cost Netflix $1 billion. That’s quite a bit of money, yes.  read more

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This week in tweets (08-01-2010)

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Google brings a Facebook rival

Source: Holy Kaw!

Google’s at it again: The Internet giant is reportedly huddling with online game developers to create a social-networking service to compete with Facebook, according to The Wall Street Journal. These game developers include big names such as Playdom Inc., Electronic Arts Inc.’s Playfish and Zynga Game Network Inc. Details about the product, however, are scant. A launch date is not yet known. R…  read more

New C# Yellow Book version available – Yeah, big, yellow, ebook, 197 pages, C#, free… – New C# Yellow Book Now Available “The new version of my famous C# Yellow Book is now available for download. This free 197 page book is the basis of our programming course and has a whole bunch of new content, along with reorganised layout and proper sections. Get yours today from here: …” – C# Yellow Book “The C# Book is used by the Department of Computer Scie…  read more

What is Flipboard? Hint: The iPad app you’ll be talking about.

Source: Holy Kaw!

Robert Scoble calls it “revolutionary.” Kara Swisher says “it blew me away.” So what has all the tech geeks talking? A social magazine concept called Flipboard. Dubbed “a prettier way to browse the…  read more

Giant mechanical elephant made out of recycled steel and wood

Source: Holy Kaw!

In honour of the Sultan’s Elephant that no longe exists, France decided to create a large-scale replica of the mammal to share with the world. The huge mechanical structure was constructed as part of the Machines of the Isle of Nantes (an artistic, tourist and cultural project). The project’s aim is to transform the city into a world of imagination and fantasy. We’d say this amazing installatio…  read more

Wacky helmet designs

Source: Holy Kaw!

Looking snazzy while cruising down the street on your Harley (or, let’s be honest, your Vespa) usually means leather galore and helmet bedazzles, but now your noggin can look stylin’ without breaking out the cowhide and glue gun. Behold, oddly cool novelty helmets. Full story and more images at Geekologie. Vroom, vroom! All the top motorcycle news. Permalink | Leave a comment »  read more

Robot arm learns to flip pancakes, can never know the joys of tasting one

Source: Engadget

We’d like to pretend to be all serious about the science behind teaching a robot arm to teach itself a complicated motion like pancake flipping. We’d drone on and on about how the combination of demonstrated motion, trial-and-error, and object motion tracking come together for some "Expectation-Maximization based Reinforcement Learning," but really we just can’t stop giggling at all the pancake…  read more

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This week in tweets (07-24-2010)

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Photoshop your own Windows Phone 7 applications

It looks like Microsoft is not just making the Windows Phone 7 application development experience easy for developers, but it turns out designers have most of their job cut out for them. If you need to mock up an application UI for Windows Phone 7, it’s now as easy as mashing up some Photoshop files from the “Design Templates for Windows Phone 7″ resource. Since finding useful information on M…  read more

Windows Phone 7 in-depth preview

Source: Engadget

It’s been a long road, hasn’t it? Well, in some respects, it hasn’t — in fact, it’s only been about two years since development of Windows Phone 7 as we know it today kicked off — but when you consider that this product will be replacing Windows Mobile 6.5, that puts things in proper perspective. In fact, even the very …  read more

Google signs 20-year deal to power data centers with wind energy

Source: Engadget

It’s not the first investment Google has made in wind power, but anyone wondering about its commitment needn’t look any further than the company’s just-announced deal with NextEra Energy. It’s agreed to buy wind power from NextEra’s wind farm in Iowa for the next twenty years, which it says will provide enough power to supply "several" of its data centers. What’s more, Google says that the size…  read more

Apple posts record $3.25b profit in first full quarter of iPad sales, says more ‘amazing products’ coming this year

Source: Engadget

Apple just posted up its third quarter earnings — its first full quarter selling the iPad — and, well, it’s raining cash in Cupertino. The company posted a record profit of $3.25b on record revenues of $15.7b, which is up from $1.83b and $9.73b from a year ago. The big stat? Apple sold 3.27 million iPads, nearly matching the 3.47 million Macs sold — and Mac sales were up 33 percent from a ye…  read more

Uploading a File (Or Files) With ASP.NET MVC

I wanted to confirm something about how to upload a file or set of files with ASP.NET MVC and the first search result for the phrase “uploading a file with mvc” is Scott Hanselman’s blog post…  read more

Apple TV Rumored To Get $.99 TV Show Rentals, But Will The iPad And iPhone Get The Service Too?

Source: TechCrunch

The Apple TV might suddenly be part of the next big thing from Apple. We’ve heard that there’s a major retooling underway and Apple shifted some of their best people on the project. Updated hardware is likely, but new services will likely be at the forefront of the relaunch. The latest rumor states that Apple is in contract talks to bring TV show rentals to the platform. They would probably wo…  read more

The articles listed in this post are random selections from my Google Buzz account and are not my work. You may need to obtain authorization from the owner by clicking the source for each article before using them.

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