Is C# 3.0 a copy of Hibernate?

February 4, 2007 § 1 Comment

When you look at the features (LINQ) Microsoft is adding to C# 3.0 you would say hey! wait a minute, that is a rip off of Hibernate. I think not. Why? because the main goal of Hibernate is to give you persistent storage and a very SQL like way of accessing the database. While that is what you can do in C# 3.0 the similarities stop right there. In LINQ you can query collections irrespective of where that collection came from. It may have come from the database or an XML file, flat file or any other source (Active directory, in memory collection created by you, anything). Hibernate, as it works with databases needs XML files for configuration. LINQ does not as it does not care about the source. The other big difference is that LINQ is baked right into the framework so you can be sure when it gets released that all built in classes (all meaning the ones that you think should) will support LINQ.

More later … (after I get flamed for this post Smile)


§ One Response to Is C# 3.0 a copy of Hibernate?

  • Vaibhav says:

    In MS, we called “why re-invent the wheel”? The concept is the same, MS just enhances it.  So it’s not copy, it’s *inheritance*, ok?Generilization is good in a way.  But it never optimizes for performance.  Now that they (both MS and Java world) hide the implementation details from the developers, it makes even harder for optimization or customrization.Hibernate is popular, but Hibernate is slow!  It makes sense since now there are many more wrap-ups even just for a simple query.Declarative type of programming?  O, man.  Are they planning to turn the developers to robots?

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