Visual Studio 2007 (Orcas)

January 22, 2007 § 1 Comment

Looks like Microsoft has been busy working on the next version of Visual Studio codenamed Orcas (may be named VS 2007) scheduled to ship by the end of this year. A ton of features and performance improvements. You can read all about it here and here. Also note that when VS 2007 ships we will have a new framework versioned 3.5. I personally think Microsoft has messed up versioning. Up until v.2.0 everything was actually v.2.0 (ASP.NET 2.0, C# 2.0, CLR 2.0) but when Microsoft released WinFX the new set of technologies for Vista, they decided to rename it to .NET 3.0. Which means that all these WinFX technologies sit under the .NET umbrella.

So what does that mean? It means v.3.0 consists of  CLR 2.0 (ASP.NET 2.0, C# 2.0) + WinFX (1.0). When v.3.5 ships it will be CLR 3.0 (ASP.NET 3.0, C# 3.0) + WinFX (1.0). WOW! I need to take a break, my head is already spinning just by typing all this.

Note: I am not finding enough time to write Part 2 of the C# 3.0 series, so posts like these are simply fillers Sad


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  • Vaibhav says:

    Well, I even have not got myself ready for VS 2005 (and Framework 2.0), now you are talking about VS 2007.  Like my coworker used to say: why don’t you just shoot me?  I guess I am severly behind, to a point that I lost the motivation to catch up.
    I did wonder for a minute about where are part 2 and 3?  I guess you realize yourself too.  Take your time, we can wait :-).

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