New XBox 360 this fall?

January 15, 2007 § Leave a comment

Apparently Microsoft is preparing a new XBox 360 for this fall. The new device will sport the following:

  • 65-nanometer nm processor which runs at lower temperature making the 360s quieter than existing consoles.

  • A 120GB HDD compared to the existing 20GB.

  • HDMI port

  • Special circuitry onboard to make IPTV through your XBox possible.

A lot of users (around 10 million of those) who already own the existing consoles are crying foul at Microsoft for such a possibility as it would be like leaving the early adopters in the cold. My guess is that Microsoft will come out with some add on device for IPTV feature that existing users can attach to their console. These users will also get the option of buying a 120 HDD. The only thing that Microsoft cannot change for existing consoles is the HDMI port and the 65 nm processors.

Of course all this is speculation / rumor. I heard about this on Paul Thurrott Windows Weekly podcast on and other news sources.


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