Changes to the website

January 13, 2007 § Leave a comment

A couple of months ago I talked about adding AJAX features to my blog which would enable adding comments to every post right from the home page. As a prerequisite to it I added Captcha support to the feedback section of this blog. I learnt a valuable lesson from this exercise. Never start big on any thing you do, especially when you are working by yourself and not as a team. The scope of the project was so big that even though I wrote a lot of code to achive my target, it always felt like I was missing something. Hence I have decided that in the future I will do small incremental updates. Especially since the turn around time is not as fast as I would like it to be. Having made this decision, I have rolled back the Captcha support (commented out the code) until I find a real use to it. My blog is not target of any spam and hence there is no need to complicate the user experience and the codebase. I have been debating off and on about moving to community server, but everytime, I turn it down because that deprive me of any motivation to keep coding / enhancing the website. I do not have any good weekend projects in hand and hence until I come up with some I will keep playing around with enhancing this blog. Now I just hope I get this through my thick head and stop those urges of moving to community server.


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