October 14, 2006 § Leave a comment

I have been really drawn towards subversion (svn) for the past couple of days and have been reading documentation on it like crazy. There are two ways in which you can install subversion, one with Berkley DB (BDB) and the other with Fast Secure File System (FSFS). From all the reading I have done I figured that FSFS is a better option than BDB. The problem is that most blogs and forums I have read talk about svn 1.3, whereas with 1.4 they have made some big changes. In any case I will stick with FSFS until I hear otherwise.

The two big questions I had coming from a VSS background was how do we add new users to the source control system. I could not find an answer anywhere on the Internet, so I assumed that the default was windows authentication. The other question I had was how svn handled versioning. I found answers to both questions in a free book on subversion. The versioning answer is a bit long so I would suggest you read chapter 4 in the book. I didn’t like the authentication answer but you can read it in chapter 6 of the book. Basically there is a file named svnserve.conf in the conf folder of your repository in this file you can set the password-db attribute to the name of the file that holds usernames and passwords. The content of the file is clear text so anyone that has access to the server can see your password. I also came across another material that shows how to enable windows authentication, but all that is through Apache, so IIS users are out of luck.

On a different note, I am really getting pissed at not being able to add new tags on the fly when I am writing blog entries. When I designed and implemented the blogging engine, I left that ability to phase II which never came (sounds familiar eh!). Anyways, I will fix it in the coming days, that will give me the oppurtunity to play with Atlas a little more heh!


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