.NET Framework 3.0

June 12, 2006 § Leave a comment

There was too much confusion about the relationship between WinFX and .NET framework. In order to clear up the confusion, MS decided to unify all these technologies under one name i.e. .NET Framework. No more WinFX, the next version of .NET Framework will be 3.0 which would include all the WinFX technologies. Sweet… was my reaction until I found out that .NET Framework 3.0 internally will use Framework 2.0. Uhh!!!

Yes, I understand Microsoft’s position on this, they have just released 2.0 and still fixing bugs and getting ready for SP1, they cannot expect customers to jump ships so soon from 2.0 to 3.0, hence they are going to keep the 2.0 Framework as is, and version all WinFX technologies as 3.0. During installation, the setup will detect the presence of 2.0 and will only install additional components. I am totally fine with them doing it for this release but I really want them to simplify and keep the entire stack under one version moving forward. It would be too confusing for developers working on different pieces to keep up with the version numbers. Hopefully they will get a lot of feedback from developers at TechEd and would clean up the versioning mess as well.


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