Men are from Mars, women from Venus?

May 29, 2006 § 1 Comment

No, no, I am not talking about the different behavior, or habits, or thinking pattern between men and women, I am talking about the gender gaps when it comes to health.

I am reading an interesting article about the physical differences between men and women which can drastically affect the odds of getting a disease.  For that sake, men and women need to be treated differently – which is often referred to his and hers medicine.

Here are some facts of the gender gap listed in the article (written by Dawn MacKeen):

  • Heart disease – it strikes men at younger age but kills more women. 

  • Asthma – bulk of tthe patients are women;
  • Strokes – more men have strokes, yet 62% of the victims of fatal strokes are women;
  • Depression – before puberty, depression is about equally prevalent in boys and girls; by adulthood, however, depression is twice as common in females. Sad women are more likely to overeat and sleep too much, as well as ache from body pain.  But males are four times more likely to commit suicide;
  • Lung cancer – men suffer 60% of the death from it.  But the gender divide is shrinking (due to the fact that few men smoke these days)
  • Pain – males hold out pain longer than female; (hehe, we scream louder when pains come);
  • Rheumatoid arthristis – is twice as common in women as in men.
Well, looks like God is more in favor of men when it comes to health.  But women are better than men in other areas (oops, I start a war again…)


§ One Response to Men are from Mars, women from Venus?

  • Vaibhav says:

    Very nice findings. Ya I agree, women are better than men in the field of ….. ummm…… in the field of …..ummm…. cooking! Oh! wait men beat women there too. There I have added flame to the fire.
    No seriously I think women are equally competitive, it’s just a matter of giving them equal oppurtunity to compete.

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