When can life be perfect?

May 20, 2006 § Leave a comment

All the past week including today, I have been working on the configuration of Windows Sharepoint Service (WSS).  I got it work last year.  But after one year of being idle, it does not work anymore (due to the server sp installation, the anti-virus upgrades, the change of IP address, etc etc).  So I thought it is not big deal to re-configure it since I have kept good documentation.  And here I am – a week of hard work, and still haven’t got it work fully as it is supposed to, sigh… 

So is it worth the efforts to set it up? You bet.  Just name some of the features: fine-tuned access control, freedom of creating folders and lists, online survey, full text search on word, excel, and pdf, and many many more.  It provides a generic solution to people’s document needs.

As much as we enjoy the fruits of the product, we have to put up with the great pain of  the installation and configuration.  This reminds me of the philosophy of life: no pain no gain.


So when you think of generalization, trying to provide a single answer for many problems, you better think carefully.  Just keep in mind, there is no perfect world…    


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