No iPod, my life is better

May 15, 2006 § 2 Comments

Why?  Just imagine you just spent $300 to get a nano ($249 for the nano iPod + $50 for different accessories), and see what you get:

  • a proprietary file format.  Yes, you can convert regular mp3 to iTune.  But why the extra effort?
  • little tech support.  Yes, Apple does provide support, but not without a price. $49 or $59 service fee, you choose.
  • no backups, please.  ok, you now have 10,000 songs on your new iPod, you want to back them up in your PC. No way! Apple won’t allow it.  Solution? download some third party software for a price (money, money… where is the end?)
  • pathetic battery.  life of battery?  what life? if you are lucky, the battery may be re-charged about 500 times lifetime.  after that? send me money to buy another one ($59+ $6.95 for s&h).
  • no use in the car.  ok, you can use your car speaker if you find the right radio frequency to tune it in.  but we live in Houston, no  readyily available frequency!  just this one, it is enough to kill all my desire to buy an iPod.  I spend the most time listening to music in a car.  If i can’t use it the car, what’s the use?
  • greddy Apple.  they charge you for everything, from wall charger to a dock, to a connector to TV, etc, you name it.  That proves one saying: there is no free lunch in the world.  well, i don’t want free lunch, please just don’t over-charge me.

I will stay away from iPod as long as I can.  And you can too.

Guest Author: Lilly


§ 2 Responses to No iPod, my life is better

  • Vaibhav says:

    Talk about free.  When IE is installed on Windows, MS was sued for non-equal competition.  What about iPod?  They also do not allow other file format to be played on iPod.  Shouldn’t they be sued too?Sorry I am in anti-apple mood today 🙂

  • Vaibhav says:

    Hopefully you are in luck. With the new Windows Media Player 11 I think things may turn around. I am not saying MS is not greedy, I think they are greedier than Apple. After all Bill Gates once mentioned in a talk show that hardware should be free :). MS would never make software free, but they want hardware free :). Anyways my point is that with MS comes a lot of vendors and hence competition. There are so many services that would be available that competition would force the prices down. Right now Apple has a monopoly in the music space so they charge you for everything.

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