Finally a breather

May 10, 2006 § 2 Comments

Well, I finally wrapped up switching to SQL Server 2005 and cleaned up all the bugs as of last night. It took me a total of 3 late nights to migrate over (which is not bad considering a new business logic that talks to stored procedures to handle data), but switching to a database gave me simplicity and less coding out of the box. I no more have to worry about file locking and corruption issues any more.

Following are the features that I added after the migration:

  • List all entries by author
  • List all entries by category
  • Archive listing with count of entries per month
  • Ability to disable comments on an entry (administration)
  • Ability to delete a blog entry (administration)
  • Ability to delete comments (administration)
  • Ability to edit a comment (administration)
  • Creating a new user (administration)

Now that I have wrapped up V1, I have started thinking on some other super important / nice to have features. At this point the top priority items are:

  • Search
  • RSS

For the next couple of days I plan to review my code and see if I can improve the codebase, after which I will start working on Search / RSS.


§ 2 Responses to Finally a breather

  • Vaibhav says:

    Thanks Lilly, I think Paging is the one big enhancement that I need to make. Right now we don’t see the problem because the number of blog entries by author or category are small, but as the site grows, we can’t afford to pull all the information from the backend and show it all at once.I personally think I should keep Paging as the number one priority followed by Search and RSS.

  • Vaibhav says:

    Again, Vaiby, nice job!I did some brainstorming a while back on what type of  features blog sites usually have.  To add to your list, here are some more for your reference:1.  Trackback – to track whih site quotes your blog;2.  Statistics – to see which is popular3.  Templates – different subject may choose different theme (background etc)4.  More edit features within blog page – such as to allow bullet point in this Rich Text Box, embed images, music (although personally I hate it), etc. 5. Expansion – when this site grows in the future, you may split it into different subject (such as Technical, Life, Hobby, etc), so each site has its own uniqueness.  Well, that’s just a thought.  You probably do not need it at this moment.You probably do not any of the above features, but it won’t hurt to keep it as for documentation purpose.

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