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May 7, 2006 § 2 Comments

Recently I have been being perplexed by the decision of using either Smart Client or for a project that I need to set up in our company.  Here are some facts about the project:

  • The users of this system include intra-department personnel (which we have better control of the computers they use) and inter-department personnel (less or no control).
  • The system has both simple data entry forms such as  service request, and complex forms which require to use multiple attachments and multiple embedded images.
  • The system also has the workflow features which can notify the corresponding parties of any updates or new assigned action items.  By clicking on the link of the notification, it should bring the user directly to the form/report of the content.
  • For future scalability, the system should also be able to open to personnel in different countries (more accessibility).

My initial analysis concludes that I should have two versions for the project with Smart Client as the master and the ASP.Net as a support.  All forms should be available in Smart Client version, while the simple forms or reports should be available in webform version as well to benefit the users who only have web access.  The update/deployment of the application should be simplified by the click-one technology.

This seems to be all good until today.  I just realized the cost of using Smart Client:

  • All client machines need to install .Net framework.
  • All the users need to have administrator privilege of their machine.

In reality? It is very hard to achieve.  Not to say the IT department would not allow us to install the framework in all the machines, and would definitely not allow all users to have the administrator’s privilege, just think we have more than 100 machines in our department, what’s the cost of installing the framework as well as the application in each machine?

So back to square one – Smart Client or ASP.Net?

Here are some reference to smart client:

Smart Client Part I

Smart Client Part II

Smart Client Part III


§ 2 Responses to Smart Client or

  • Vaibhav says:

    I will take a look of the video.  The bottomline is that I will still use the smart client for some of the forms, the ones that need intensive attachments, embedded images…Why life is so complicated?

  • Vaibhav says:

    You may want to check your code and see which portion of the code requires administrative priveleges. May be you can get rid of those portions or you may be able to come up with work-arounds.Check this videocast and see if it helps any. You need bit-torrents to download it. Azuereus is an awesome torrent software. Also note (read the bottom portion on that page) that you have to install a codec to be able to see the video. Ya! I know it is a lot of work, but once you are setup, future episodes become easy.

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